A Make Ahead Meals Cookbook Is What My Busy Life Needed

I live a very busy life and it always seems like I am rushing from one task to another. Even when I get home from work, I usually have a ton of things that I need to do and I can’t even relax and enjoy taking a while to cook some dinner. Luckily, I have found a great solution that I got from my mom. This solution is perfect for my busy life and involves making meals ahead of time.

All I need to do is take some extra time to cook one day, and prepare meals for the whole week. My mom used to do this when we were growing up and it worked really well. She would prepare all the food on Saturday or Sunday, then all we did the rest of the weak was heat up the food that was already prepared and frozen or in the fridge.

I got a make ahead meals cookbook that has been the perfect accompaniment to my routine. This cookbook allows me to make hundreds of recipes ahead of time that I will be enjoying that week. It even has some guidelines on defrosting and reheating food. The cookbook is perfect for my busy life. All I have to do most of the week is come home, put some food on a plate, heat it in the microwave, and I have a fresh and nutritious meal ready.